We must start to fight the tickdeseases.
1) The first step was to introduce a tool from Sweden , which enables for everyone to remove the tick in a proffesional way.
2) We followed with a very big ticktest. (10.000) It was very successful in Germany 2004-6 and 2005 we started in many countries. In average 36% are positive and 27% of them transfere Lyme Borreliose to Humans.
In fact each 9-th bite transfer Lyme Borreliose and in Germany you have about 100.000 new cases each year.
How many people not getting sic is not known.
3) After a row of indoor ticktests 2005-6, (samples only) we can already present our first recommendations in order to reduce the risc of a tickbite indoor. The first results are unbelievable. Ask for the new flyer in english.


Top infos about tick deseases for everyone, for everyone who want to know more

Your ticks you should test here, why?

Prophylaxe against tickborn deceases?